Automatic CNC Wood Lathe

Aiutomatic CNC Wood Lathe


Automatic cnc wood turning lathe is one professional equipment for processing square and cylinder wood materials. Except for including usual turning chisels like the cnc wood turning lathe, the most important is it equipped with the auto feeding system to load and upload the materials automatically, no need labor to do this work. Besides, this model can equipped with many optional different styles’ tools to accomplish exact process working. greatly raise the working efficiency much higher. So widely used for some industries which need turning work, like baseball bat, simple stair railing, wood cup, wood dish, pool cue.etc

Working videos

Materials can be fed to the worktable automatically, catching the higher working efficiency.

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Q: What's the production capacity of the fully automatic wood lathe?

A: The production capacity of our fully automatic wood lathe varies depending on several factors. This includes the product length, the size of the wood blank (taking into account the number of step-downs required), and the characteristics of the raw material (influencing the feed speed). Let’s break it down with an example: If your product is 600mm long, made from beechwood, and a single step-down suffices for the turning process, you can run the lathe at a speed of 1,200mm/min. In such a scenario, the actual turning process takes about 30 seconds. Additionally, you should allocate approximately 30 seconds for auto loading and motor startup actions. Therefore, from start to finish, it takes 1 minute to complete one piece. This means that in one hour, you can produce up to 60 pieces. It’s important to note that this speed is optimized for achieving a high-quality finish.


The Automatic Wood Lathe not only has an automatic loading device, also can add configurations according to the different processing functions. for example, if the workpiece needs to be grooved or engraved, an engraving spindle can be added; if the workpiece needs to be polished, a polishing brush can be added, drilling functions is same. In a word, all the functions that can be done on the cnc wood turning machine and cnc wood turning slotting lathe can be added to this machine.

ATC CNC Wood Lathe have many different models, below are some regular styles. We can also develop new models according to your actual working requirements. Could refer to the introduction of the following types of equipment to choose the right type, or you can contact us directly, provide your processing needs, we will recommend the right product.

atc wood turning sloting machine
Automatic cnc woodturning slotting lathe machine for sale
atc wood turning lathe
Full Automatic cnc wood turning lathe machine
Automatic CNC Wood Lathe
CNC Wood turning lathe machine with auto loading system

1.High working efficiency: can load and upload materials goods automatically, not need labor do it.

2.Multiple working functions: Turning like wood cnc turning lathe, if need, also can add slotting, brush functions.

3. Intelligent control system: 15 minutes can understand how to operate the machine. can custome-make programma according to goods.

4. High Speed Turning System: adopt to use 4kw servo motor, can reach 3000r/min.

5. Driving system:Perfect stepping motor drive double chisels and stand to work, ensure lathe reach highest process effect.

6. Transmission system: High-frequency quenching and grinding of imported linear square rails, combined with ball screw drive, environmental adaptability, not afraid of dust. Ensure the machining precision.

7.Dual Chisels Configuration :cnc automatic wood lathe features a dual-chisels setup, rough turning and finish turning cutters. can accomplish turning work by one time.

8. Efficient Feeding:Utilizing Taiwan CSK high-quality linear sliding rails and TBI precise ball screws, we effectively control linear errors in the feeding mechanism.

9. Robust Construction: Designed for heavy-duty applications, machine weight can reach to 1600kgs.Heavier machine frame cancounteract any vibrations that may arise during high-speed rotation or while processing large workpieces. 

10.The Steady rest is specialize in avoiding shaking when process small diameter materials.

11.User-Friendly Operation: Operating our lathe is a easily. Designs can be created by software like CorelDRAW, ArtCAM, AutoCAD, and more. Controller is seamlessly managed via the CNC cabinet computer, featuring an industrial-grade PC configuration, or simply transfer your files using a USB drive with the DSP handle configuration.

Aceesory & Advantages

Materials Automatic Loading System.

Our self-feeder incorporates an air-actuated clamping system that significantly enhances wood-turning efficiency. Moreover, the automatic hopper feed mechanism minimizes the need for manual labor, resulting in reduced labor costs for your operations. Here are some images for reference:


Regular autocnc wood lathe equipped with single axis and one Chisels,  if need, also could add related process tools together.


Transmission System

Adopt to use the Best TBI Ball screw and HIWIN square guild as the transmission system. For Unique high speed wood lathe, we can also provide three-axis ball screw drive, the following picture can be used as a reference. As you can see, TBI ball screw is always used in X-Z axis, and high precision grinding rack and pinion or screw can be used in Y-axis according to different types. No matter which type of transmission is used, the machining work can be completed perfectly.

Driving system

The drive system is one of the most important components of an automatic woodturning lathe, and LT has developed different drive solutions according to the configuration of the model and the requirements of the processing function, ranging from reliable three-phase stepping motor drive systems to high-speed and high-precision servo motor drive systems, which are capable of completing the specific processing tasks with high quality regardless of the solution.

Driving system

Spindle- Slotting, Carving system.

Usually could also adopt to add one 3.5kw spindle or not. If do, excepting for shaping functions, the ATC CNC Wood Lathe also could realize in carving, slotting, and drill hose effect. Please check below pictures for review.


Automatic CNC Wood Lathe is generally available with two control systems, summarised as a professional high accessory desktop operating system called NEW990TDca/TDcb/16iT in the high speed atc wood cnc lathe and a stand-alone handle control system called DSP A136. Both systems provide easy access to all functions of the machine. The interface languages are both English and Chinese, and the language of the control system will be changed to English before the machine is shipped. The machine is supplied with an operator’s manual and a video, which can be learned in 30 minutes.

Machine Structure Frame

Automatic CNC Wood Lathe is a one-piece cast iron bed with no welded seams on the whole body, never deformed. The overall weight is about 1800kgs. It is the best bed in the CNC industry. There is no obvious vibration of the machine body during machining, which can maximise the stability and precision of machining.

Automatic CNC Wood Lathe

Distribution Box

Independent and compact control cabinet, some important electronic parts of the machine, such as motor drive, spindle inverter, control card, transformer, switching power supply, etc. are installed in this cabinet and connected to the machine through the electric wire. This design can minimise the impact of vibration on the electronic components when the machine is working, making the overall performance of the machine more efficient and stable.

Automatic pneumatic clamping system

The automatic pneumatic clamping system, work together with the auto-loading system mentioned above, automates material loading, chucking, and unloading, eliminating the need for manual intervention and significantly enhancing overall processing speed.


Equipped with the steady rest ,it is designed to secure slender billets with the utmost stability. By default, its diameter measures 66mm, is suitable to process the 67mm diameter materials,but we can customize it to different sizes based on your specific requirements

Steady rest
Steady rest

Turning System

The 4KW (5.36hp) high speed Servo Motor is used to drive the material to rotate at high speed. The fastest speed can reach 1500 r/min. This motor can keep the high speed for a long time and will not reduce the speed, and will not have the problem of losing the data during the work, it is the best drive motor for cnc wood working machine.

Auxiliary Industry

CNC Wood Turning lathe Machine can process and produce almost all kinds of wooden cylinders, so, as long as the industry and products that can use wooden cylinders, you can use CNC wood turning lathe to produce.
For example, staircase risers, vase shapes, table and chair legs, Roman columns for European furniture, wooden hangers and washbasins, wooden dinner plates, wooden tea sets, wooden bowls, baseball bats, billiard cues, cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical and other complex shapes of rotating wooden products or wooden semi-finished products and so on.

baseball bat
Wooden rack
Curtain Rod
curtain rod
wooden table
Stairs railing
wooden boom
wooden parts
Stairs railing
wooden brown coffee table
Wooden Bowl
wooden parts
wooden bench

Installation& Debugging

Ⅰ. CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine Installation

1、Place the equipment horizontally and fix the ground bolt, put the electric control box in a suitable position, connect the electric control line on the body with the electric control box, and pay attention to the aviation plug to be tightened in place.

2, Access to three-phase power supply according to the electricity safety regulations, power introduction in the lower left corner of the electrical box terminal, wiring order as shown in the figure: from left to right, “A, B, C” for the three fire-wire phase, “zero” for the zero phase. Note: the voltage should be 380V ± 10V, the introduction of a single power line cross-sectional area shall not be less than 2 square millimeters. If there is a transformer in the distribution box, only “A, B, C” for the three wires.

3, check the fuselage and the power box are no problem,then, can be powered on, when on machine first time, do not leave the power switch, found that the anomaly immediately shut down.

Ⅱ LT CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine Debugging

1、After the power on, put the function in 〖Manual〗position, check the equipment without obstacles before operation:

① Check the spindle motor work, press 〖Start〗button spindle motor should rotate, use the adjustment knob to adjust the spindle speed. Note: When there is ‘forward and reverse’, it should be put in the position of 〖Forward〗.

② Press 〖Left〗〖Right〗〖Up〗〖Down〗Key to check whether the knife table works normally, check whether the position detector works normally (Note: when moving to the right with the metal close to the right position detector should be lit and stop the right shift, the knife table back with the metal close to the back position detector should be lit and stop the backward).

2, set the system parameters, put the function in 〖setting〗position, press 〖setting〗key, press ②>system parameter setting〗, set the system data such as ‘travel speed, 1st speed, 2nd speed, 3rd speed, start offset, diameter scaling, electric tool table’ and so on.

3, adjust Chisels Knife, according to 〖① > tool change against the knife set〗 for the knife: ① will be mounted on the knife frame, the knife is generally out of 3 to 4 cm, firmly fixed. ② Select the appropriate wood clamped on the lathe. ③ In accordance with the relevant tips to complete the operation of the knife adjust.

4、Input sample data for trial run processing, check the processing sample, and make corresponding adjustments.

Packing and shipping

Packing is an important link to protect the machine in the transport process not be damaged, After a long time accumulation of investigation, LT divide the packing link into the following aspects, try to do best in every detail.

  1. Checkingall the necessary accessories have been installed and the nameplate or the customer’s logo has been affixed .
  2. Fix some important parts of the machine.
  3. Use the winding film to pack the machine.
  4. Fix the machine on the pallet
  5. Use the wooden box to pack the machine.
  6. Pack wooden box by metal line for reinforcement
  7. Sprayed with attention to the relevant warning labels
  8. Stickmark
  9. the machine will be loaded into the container and reinforced (if not load intocontainer in factory,no need this step)

   10, seal the box, transport to the designated port

Packing and shipping

Q: Is there an English label for the operation buttons and switches included?
A: Certainly, it comes equipped with English labeling.

Q: Is the RichAuto-136B Hand-Held Controller and NEW990TDca/TDcb/16iT preloaded with English firmware and software?
A: Yes, it offers two language options: English and Chinese. We will configure it to English prior to delivery.

Q: Does the lathe come with an English operation manual?
A: Absolutely, it does. You’ll receive a comprehensive set of manuals, including both text and video formats, conveniently provided on a USB drive. Feel free to explore the demo below for reference.

Q: Is the lathe compatible with Vcarve software?
A: Indeed, the lathe can process files in two formats: DXF and G-code. Vcarve outputs G-code, so it works seamlessly with Vcarve software as well.

Q: Are there any optional items necessary for the machine’s operation but not included in the standard package?
A: While the air compressor is vital for the lathe’s operation, it’s not part of the default configuration. Many workshops typically have air compressors readily available. Apart from this, there are no additional optional items required.

Q: Can the wood lathe machines function without an air compressor?
A: Unfortunately, no. The automated wood lathe relies on compressed air for both the auto-feed system and the air-actuated tailstock to function. An air compressor is essential for its operation.

Q: What troubleshooting options are available if the lathe encounters issues?
A: Our experienced team is at your service and will assist you in diagnosing any issues through live chat, email, PDF instructions, or video guidance. Don’t hesitate to contact us when your lathe requires attention; we typically provide solutions within 24 hours. With over a decade of expertise in wood lathes, our team comprises troubleshooting experts, ensuring a risk-free partnership.

Q: What’s the warranty for the LT Automatic Wood Turning Machine?
A: Every wood turning machine available from LT is covered by a 12-month warranty from the date of departure. During the warranty period, you’ll receive free replacements for any broken parts, excluding vulnerable components. You can find more details in the EagleTec Warranty Terms.

Q: Where can you obtain replacement parts for the wood lathe turning machine after the warranty period?
A: Our dedicated support team is always ready to provide replacement parts and support when needed. Simply reach out to us whenever you require assistance.

Q: How is the packaging for the automatic stair chair wood turning lathe?
A: The packaging is designed to be secure and durable for long sea shipments. The recommended shipping method for such a lathe machine is by sea. The automatic wood turning lathe is packaged as follows:
– First, it is tightly wrapped in PVC films for waterproofing.
– Second, the lathe is securely fastened to a steel pallet using plywood stakes to prevent movement inside the casing.
– Third, the entire set is enclosed in a robust plywood case.

Q: What are the payment terms if we decide to proceed with the purchase?
A: To initiate production, we require a 30% deposit. Once the lathe is ready, we will share photos and videos for your inspection. The balance payment should be settled via T/T before delivery.


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