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LT is a CNC wood lathe supplier, specialized in offering various cnc wood turning lathe, cnc wood turning grooving machine, Automatic cnc wood lathe, 4 axis CNC Wood Lathe and mini wood lathe.etc. We have Chinese Top 10 CNC wood lathe factory. Every styles of wood lathe have reached industry highest standard. Our Products have been sold worldwide for a wide range of applications in wood furniture, stair handrail, wooden fence, baseball bat, wood craft, pool cue and wooden tableware industries.

wood cnc turning lathe

CNC Wood Turning Lathe

wood turning sloting lathe

CNC Wood Turning Grooving Machine

atc wood turning lathe

Automatic CNC Wood Lathe

4 axis wood turning engrave lathe

4 Axis CNC Wood Lathe

mini wood cnc turning lathe

Mini Wood Lathe

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The Ultimate Guide Of CNC Wood Lathe

What is cnc wood lathe

Wood lathe types and function

Wood lathe parts

Wood cnc lathe files

Wood cnc lathe operation

Wood lathe consumable

Wood lathe Applicable materials

Wood lathe Applicable industries

Wood lathe Advantage &Disadvantage

Considerations when buying wood lathe

After-service system

What to look for in a valuable wood lathe supplier?

Chapter 1

What are CNC Wood Lathe?

CNC Wood lathe is one professional equipment that specializes in turning, drilling, and grooving various round and square wood workpieces.

When working, the Chuck tools will hook the wood materials and drive it turning by motor system, the blade will move to processing the materials. So this machine is widely used in manufacturing the round products. Like baseball bats, stair handrails, pool cues, wooden balusters, wood plates, wood cups, furniture legs, Buddha beads, and gourd. etc. Besides, 4 axis cnc wood lathe could make relief on workpiece, also can produce wood figure Buddha and cylindrical art which has relief. etc.

The wood cnc lathe machine has many different models according to its professional working functions, including wood turning lathe, wood turning and grooving lathe, auto feeding wood lathe, 4 axis wood lathe, and mini wood lathe.etc. We also could customize the new models according to your exact working requirement

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Chapter 2

Wood lathe types and functions

CNC wood lathe play a important role in the woodworking industry, every type of lathe can do different work according to its special design. To summarize, there are four functions for cnc wood lathe. While it is possible that include multiple functions on one style. Usually, most are more efficient in just one or two functions at a time.

Turning: This function pivots the wood, akin to a skillful dance. As the wood rotates, precision tools deftly sculpt, molding intricate designs that transform raw material into captivating creations.

Drilling: Think of this as the lathe’s drilling virtuoso. It meticulously carves openings into the wood, whether for functional integration or ornamental accents, elevating your woodworking game.

Grooving: Akin to the artist’s brushstroke, grooving on the lathe carves distinctive paths into the wood’s canvas. Be it deep furrows or subtle recesses, this function bestows texture and character to your craftsmanship.

Engraving: The lathe’s engraving prowess etches patterns, logos, or text onto the wood’s surface, transforming it into a living canvas of imagination. From intricate swirls to corporate insignias, engraving adds that personalized touch.

wood cnc turning lathe
wood turning machine
wood turning sloting lathe
wood turning grooving machine
atc wood turning lathe
ATC wood turning machine
4 axis wood turning engrave lathe
4 Aix CNC wood Lathe
mini wood cnc turning lathe
mini cnc wood lathe

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Chapter 3

Wood lathe parts

A CNC wood lathe is a complex product that combines multiple components. Different types of lathes come with varying parts. This sections will discuss some important lathe parts.

CNC Wood Lathe Parts
  1. Bed and Base: The lathe’s bed is like the strong foundation of a house, making sure everything stays steady during woodworking. The base, acting like a supportive platform, holds the bed and gives the lathe a stable surface to work on.
Bed and base

2. Headstock: Imagine the headstock as the heart of the lathe. This part holds onto the wood piece you want to shape. Use its own big power to rotate the wood, then, the Knife tools close to the materials and make processing.


3. Guideways and Slides: Imagine these as the lathe’s secret rails. They keep things gliding smoothly and effortlessly. All the parts’ moving need go through the important guideway.

4. Carriage: Picture the carriage as a trusty messenger, shuttling back and forth along the lathe’s bed. This reliable traveler carries your cutting tools, ensuring they meet the wood at the right places. Together with the spindle’s spin, the carriage crafts intricate designs on the canvas of wood.

5. CNC Controller: See the CNC controller as the conductor of a grand orchestra. Armed with digital scores, it directs every movement of the lathe. Speed, direction, and depth of cuts—all orchestrated by the CNC controller, transforming raw materials into precision artwork.Below are three styles of controller pictures.

6. Motors: These motors are the precision drivers of the lathe, working diligently like clockwork. With the help of encoders, they make sure every motion is accurate and on point.

7. Distribution box: The important electric parts, such as motor driver, controller card, transducer, transformer.etc are installed in it. The independent box could prevent electric parts from interference working by shaking ,nosing and dust.etc.

8. Chisels: Usually, machine equipped with two woodturning chisels within a single operation, can accomplish both roughing and finishing in a single feeding cycle.

9. Clamping tools: Thimble head+ Air-actuated tailstock, hold the material fixed, ensure the materials not move when high speed rotated and processed.

10. Steady rest:The lathe comes with a steady rest, designed to secure slender workpieces and prevent wobbling during high-speed turning. The standard sheath diameter is 69mm. The different size rest can be customized.

Optional Parts. Below are not the basic parts, could be equipped according to the models. Below are just introductions their functions.

Spindle: the Electric spindle is mainly used in grooving. the 4 axis models’ CNC wood lathe’s spindle also could used to engrave relief and drill.

Universal bracket:used to handle the spindle, only equipped it when have the spindle on the machine, could adjust the spindle’s direction manually for working requirement.

Brushing wheel: Used to remove the good’s surface small dust automatically, let it be smooth. Greatly raising whole working efficiency, no need labor or other equipment to do it.

Feeding stand: this One usually used on the ATC cnc wood lathe, can help to feed the materials to the worktable automatically, greatly raising the working efficiency.

Auto feeding stand
auto feeding stand

Auxiliary feeder: This parts is used to help put the materials on the correct locations quickly.  only need adjust it when first time using or use one size of materials. Except for the act feeding models of CNC wood lathe. other almost all the models are valuable. such as single, double or three pieces of worktables.


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Chapter 4

Wood cnc lathe files

Usually, we could purchase some perfect files from the market, they are mainly designed for different products by some professional programmers. If needed, customers also could make it by themselves. The Wood CNC Lathe machine operates on 3D files, commonly designed using software like AutoCAD, UG, SolidWorks, or Pro/E. These files should be transferred into G-code, then, loaded into the machine to process. The below video shows how to create a simple design file by Autocad, please take a look for reference.

Play Video

Chapter 5

Wood cnc lathe operation

Operating a CNC Wood Lathe is remarkably straightforward. With the guidance of our product manual and instructional videos, it typically takes just about 30 minutes to grasp after getting the machine. Below is one video showing the operations step by step, could check it for review firstly. Of course if have any confusion when doing it, could contact us ask for supporting.

Besides, there are some points need be care when operate the machine.
1. Keep the working area clean and be sure acceptable lighting is available.
2. Don’t wear loose apparel, gloves, irons, chokers or beautifiers. Wear face, eye, respiratory and body protection bias as indicated for the operation or terrain.
3. Be sure that the power is dissociated from the machine before tools are serviced or an attachment is to be fitted or removed.
4. noway leave the machine with the power on.
5. Don’t use dull, sticky or cracked slice tools.
6. Be sure that the keys and conforming wrenches have been removed and all the nuts and bolts are secured.

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Chapter 6

Wood lathe consumable parts

CNC Lathe machine’s important consumable parts are mainly knife tools, including carbide roughing and finishing tools for turning, cnc router knife for grooving and engraving.

For the CNC Router tools, usually we change into new. But for the Carbide knife, we usually use the balde sharpening tool to grind and let it working for long time. Only need add one balde sharpening tools when order the machine is ok.

CNC Router tools
Carbide roughing tools
Carbide finishing tools
Blade sharpening tools

Chapter 7

Wood lathe Applicable materials

A CNC Wood Lathe machine can work with a wide range of wood materials, including but not limited to:

Hardwoods: Such as oak, maple, cherry, and walnut.

Softwoods: Like pine, cedar, and fir.

Exotic Woods: Such as mahogany, teak, and ebony.

Composite Boards: Like MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) and plywood.

Wood Blanks: Prepared pieces of wood suitable for turning.

Wooden Dowels: For crafting intricate designs.

Wooden Blocks: Ideal for carving smaller items.

The specific style and type of wood are different depending on the project and the desired finish.

Wood Blanks
Wooden Dowels
Wooden Blocks

Chapter 8

Wood lathe Applicable industries

The CNC Wood Lathe stands out as a versatile professional equipment, widely used in many different production and processing industries because of its strong processing power.

Furniture Components: Table legs, chair spindles, and decorative finials.

Architectural Details: Staircase balusters, porch baluster, newel posts, handrails, roman columns, and moldings.

Decorative Items: Wooden vases, bowls, and ornamental pieces.

Wooden Pens: Custom-designed wooden pens with intricate patterns.

Wooden Sculptures: Artistic creations and intricate sculptures,like Cylindrical Buddha.

Tool Handles: Handles for tools like hammers and chisels.

Baseball Bats: Precision-crafted baseball bats, Pool cue for sports.

Wooden Toys: Unique, handcrafted wooden toys for children.

Interior Design Elements: Custom wooden knobs, pulls, and trim.

Automotive:Wooden steering wheels and gear shift knobs are often produced with these lathes.

Educational Models: Wooden models for teaching purposes.。

Chapter 9

Advantage &Disadvantage

Undoubtedly, as a professional CNC device, the CNC Wood Lathe has obvious advantages and, like any entity, some inevitable drawbacks. Just as no individual is without flaws, perfection remains an elusive standard for machinery. Wood lathes also have some drawbacks due to their own unique design and processing needs

  • Advantages:

Precision: CNC lathes ensure intricate designs are processed with utmost accuracy, it’s the best ideal for fine woodworking and intricate detailing products.

Efficiency: It significantly reduce production time, optimizing resource use and overall productivity. Especially when processing round clump products, could reach 20 times higher efficiency than usual rotary cnc router machine.

Versatility: From furniture components to intricate sculptures, CNC lathes excel in crafting a wide array of wooden products. could check Carpet 8 for detailed introduction.

Automation: Once programmed, CNC lathes can operate autonomously, freeing up labor for other tasks and enhancing efficiency.

Maintenance: Maintaining a CNC Wood Lathe is a breeze. Typically, regular cleaning to remove wood chips and dust, along with lubricating the guide rails, is all that’s needed. No complex procedures required!

Low cost consumables:CNC wood lathes stand apart when it comes to consumables. Their tooling, after proper sharpening, can be reused, significantly extending the lifespan of these consumables. This practice not only promotes sustainability but also translates into substantial cost savings for customers

Easily to study operation: Operating a CNC wood lathe is a breeze. No specialized knowledge is required. Typically, literate employees can learn to operate the equipment in about 30 minutes by watching our instructional videos and reading the manual. It’s simple and efficient!

  • Disadvantages:

Heavier Weight: Ensuring stability during high-speed operation ask for a heavier machine frame body, typically weight over 1500kgs. Therefore, it is usually placed on the ground floor of a factory or on a floor with high load-bearing capacity. Given its substantial weight, relocating can be quite challenging.

Clean wood chips:Due to its unique design and operational demands, CNC wood lathes cannot incorporate an automated Dust Clean System, as seen in wood CNC routers. Consequently, after a period of operation, manual intervention is required for cleaning the wood chips generated during processing

Chapter 10

Considerations when buying wood lathe

When start to consider purchasing one CNC wood lathes, need think about some important points, it will be helpful when adopting suitable equipment. Below are some points for review.

**1. Process Function:**

   – Begin by identifying the primary products you intend to create using the CNC wood lathe. Consider the product types, dimensions, and the daily production targets you need to meet. Only when the equipment can meet your working requirement can ensure it’s correct.

**2. Space Requirements:**

   – Evaluate the available space where the equipment will be stationed. Measure the dimensions of the CNC wood lathe to ensure it fits comfortably. Adequate space preparation beforehand is crucial.

**3. Supplier Expertise:**

   – Seek out a reputable and specialized supplier with a proven track record in manufacturing CNC wood lathes. Not sure if you can get the best machine from a great supplier, but that percentage will be much more higher than without do this work.

**4. Design Files:**

   – Preparing design files is essential. You can either start with pre-designed product files or embark on a journey to learn how to create your own using design software. Having files ready or gaining design skills allows for a seamless transition when the machine arrives.

**5. Investment Plan:**

   – Establish a budget and investment plan. CNC wood lathe prices generally range between USD 5000 and USD 10000, with variations based on model features. Making the money plan in advance could help you identify the most suitable equipment from different suppliers.

**6. Maintenance and Support:**

   – Investigate the supplier’s after-sales service and maintenance support. A perfect strong technical support is the protection for your business. LT’s vision is to make 30 years+ business with every customer, so after-service, technical support will be the company’s basic rule.

**7. Consumables:**

   – Every style of CNC equipment has consumables. Learning it will help you prepare the parts and calculate the working cost in advance. About this point, please check the Above Carpet 8 ” Low cost consumables”.

**8. Material Compatibility:**

   – Verify that the CNC wood lathe is compatible with the types of wood and materials you plan to work with. Actually, the usual CNC Wood Lathe can process almost all the square and round wood materials. Please check the above Carpet8 for reference.

**9. Training and Skill Development:**

   – Consider training options for your team. Ensure that your staff is proficient in operating and maintaining the CNC wood lathe to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

**10. Future Expansion:**

    – Assess the scalability of the machine. As your woodworking projects grow, having a CNC wood lathe that can accommodate increased demands or future upgrades can be advantageous.

In summary, the accession of a CNC wood lathe is a strategic investment in your woodworking trials. By methodically addressing these critical factors, you can confidently select the right machine, streamline operations, and embark on a productive and creative woodworking trip. welcome to contact us for suggestions if you’re planning to get a new wood lathe machine


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Chapter 11

After-Sales Excellence: Ensuring Long-Term Satisfaction

In the realm of CNC wood lathe acquisition, the significance of after-sales service cannot be overstated. But, identifying and evaluating it in advance can be challenging. However, we are one supplier that hopes to make long-term cooperations with every customer. Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve crafted a comprehensive after-sales service framework to raise our service quality, that covers the following aspects:

**1. Prompt Responsiveness:**

   – We prioritize timely responses to customer inquiries, regardless of the time, whether it’s a holiday or a weekend. .

**2. Robust Technical Support:**

   – We offer the best technical support with machines together, from installation, operation, maintenance, and problem-solving. We’re here to ensure that your CNC wood lathe operates optimally throughout its lifespan

**3. Production Updates:**

   – After you place an order, we take the initiative to keep you informed about the production process, adhering to schedules diligently. Transparency in production progress is vital for your peace of mind.

**4. Quality Assurance:**

   – We uphold stringent quality control standards to guarantee that each CNC wood lathe meets the highest quality benchmarks. Besides, we accept any third-party testing. 2 years of warranty time for whole machines, your every dollar’s investment will be protected here.

**5. Training and Skill Enhancement:**

   – We not only offer a complete of videos, and manuals to enhance your team’s proficiency in operating and maintaining the CNC wood lathe, but also will help you resolve any confusion online forever. You don’t just buy a machine from us, you get permanent, free support from a professional service team!

**6. Customer Feedback Integration:**

   – We value your feedback, they can help us continuously optimize and improve equipment’s structure and functions. Although there is no perfect equipment in this world, we will not stop pursuing better products. Adopt to work with us means that you become our product consultant, where your unique ideas and suggestions for product improvement will be adopted and implemented.

In a word, our after-deals service isn’t just a pledge; it’s a law with exact rules to follow, which helps us to ameliorate the quality of our service, and solidify the cooperation relationship with our guests. That is the foundation of our business survival and development. A pledge means a responsibility, only when one undertakes to exercise own responsibility, can come a good supplier

Chapter 12

What to look for in a valuable wood lathe supplier?

When considering the purchase of a CNC wood lathe, customers should meticulously evaluate several crucial factors to ensure a wise investment. Here are key considerations:

**1. Supplier’s Establishment and Reputation:**

   – Assess the supplier’s history and establishment date. A longer presence often signifies stability and reliability.

   – Investigate the supplier’s reputation in the industry. Customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights.

**2. Qualifications and Specialization:**

   – Verify the supplier’s qualifications and certifications in manufacturing CNC wood lathes.

   – Ensure the supplier specializes in woodworking machinery, particularly CNC wood lathes, to guarantee expertise in the field.

**3. Pricing and Value:**

   – Compare prices from multiple suppliers, but don’t solely base decisions on the lowest cost. Consider the overall value, including quality, features, and long-term benefits.

**4. After-Sales Service:**

   – Evaluate the supplier’s after-sales service and support. Prompt technical assistance and readily available spare parts are essential.

**5. Delivery Time:**

   – Inquire about the delivery timeline. Ensure it aligns with your project schedules to prevent delays.

**6. Existing Customer Feedback:**

   – Seek feedback from existing customers of the supplier. Their experiences can reveal the supplier’s track record for customer satisfaction.

**7. Warranty and Maintenance:**

   – Examine the warranty terms and conditions. A comprehensive warranty indicates the supplier’s confidence in their product’s quality.

   – Understand the maintenance requirements and costs associated with the CNC wood lathe.

**8. Training and User Manuals:**

   – Assess whether the supplier offers training for your staff on operating and maintaining the machine.

   – Check for comprehensive user manuals and instructional materials to facilitate smooth operation.

**9. Customization Options:**

   – Determine if the supplier can customize the CNC wood lathe to meet your specific needs and project requirements.

**10. Future Expansion and Upgrades:**

    – Consider the potential for future expansion or upgrades of the machine. An adaptable CNC wood lathe can grow with your business.

In summary, purchasing a CNC wood lathe is a significant investment. By thoroughly examining these factors, customers can make an informed decision, ensuring they acquire a high-quality machine from a reputable supplier that aligns with their woodworking objectives and long-term goals.


The wide choices of cnc wood lathe can overwhelm the buyer. However, if equipped with the right information, decision making becomes much easier. Wood lathe vary in their functions. By knowing the purpose of the lathe narrows the list of lathe choices. This article has discussed what one needs to know before buying a certain cnc wood lathe.

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